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Writer's Block: More, More, More
What would you like to do more of?

Maybe eat and sleep, since I don't get to do much of either one, lol. I only eat what's necessary and sleep as much as my homework let's me. =P.

The Best of Metal
If you're like me, you love metal and everything that has to do with it. So here I am; putting my two cents into the matter, to give you the 411 on what I think are great metal bands, games, shows... you know, the works. I have my great friend, Carlos, as my co-author for this one, since he's basically a Metal Guru. He's been playing the guitar since age 8, and picked up an electric guitar about a year ago. A great guitar player, and he knows a lot about music. Okay, enough with the introductions and on with the music. 


Let's start off with the classics. Metallica is one of the oldest, greatest, most awsomest metal bands still up and running. I consider them extremely great because they played part in the birth of the trash metal genre. James Hetfield has a great fucking voice, Kirk Hammett is on the list of the best guitar players of all time (#11 to be exact), Lars Ulrich is like a drum GOD, and Robert Trujillo ain't bad on the bass himself. So overall they're great musicians; so great that they have won 7 freakin' Grammies. Their most famous songs are obviously "One" (which got a chance to be on Guitar Hero 3), "Master of Puppets" and "Enter Sandman", though they have a wide selection of great songs that are definitely worth listening to. Right now they're working on their ninth album which we're trying to wait for patiently... and failing miserably. 


Another incredible not-so-old band (compared to Metallica, which has been around since 1981) that has managed to give me a headache while headbanging to their music is KoRn. Making incredible music since 1993, KoRn never ceases to amaze me. Not only do they have outrageous lyrics but they are one of the few bands that deliver the lyrics with actual emotion (don't believe me? Look up "Daddy and Kill You in the studio" on YouTube). The band currently composed of singer and writer Jonathan Davis, guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer and bassist Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu (we're not quite aquatinted with the whereabouts of drummer David Sylveria, since Joey Jordison was in his place recently) was one of the first Nu Metal bands and have sold about 30 million albums worldwide; not to mention that they have been awarded 2 Grammies. Jonathan Davis (lead singer and better known as JD) was also designing a fighting video game titled "Pop Scars" that was to include popular musicians as the characters, but this project was sadly dropped in 04'. KoRn has been the inspiration to numerous bands like Limp Bizkit, Slipknot and Evanescence. Some of their most popular songs are "Freak on a Leash", "Blind" and "Falling away from me". "Ball tongue" is also very popular among KoRn fans. The band is currently in Europe for the second part of their "Bitch We Got A Problem Tour" and are working on a new compilation of hits that will hit the stores by the end of April this year. And in case this is of interest, JD is well known for playing "World of Warcraft" and "Guild Wars", hence, he rocks. 


Though they're categorized as Hard Rock, Disturbed is considered Heavy Metal to lots of their fans. Around since 1996, they've sold more than 10 million albums and headlined Ozzfest back in 06'. The current band members are David Draiman (singer), Dan Donegan (guitarist), John Moyer (bassist), and Mike Wengren (drummer). Their popular songs like "Down with the sickness" and "Stricken" have awarded them great respect from their fans and other bands; this last song was greatly recognized, and was also featured on Guitar Hero 3. The band's latest projects include two festivals, the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival and the Download Festival, during June, July and August. In addition, they are working on an album titled "Indestructible" that is set to be released in June. 


We couldn't possibly end this blog without mentioning my favorite band. Carlos had his mentioned first; it's my turn now *demonic laugh*. Not only is Slipknot one of the most controversial bands around since their debut in 1999 due to their "interesting" appearance, but their album "Slipknot" is mentioned amongst the 50 heaviest albums of all time. Slipknot is a very unique band, from their masks and outfits, to the way they identify themselves, and even the way they tune and play their instruments. The band is composed of nine members (they identify themselves individually with the numbers 0-8) and have gone through a series of line-up changes. Currently, the band members are Sid Wilson (#0, turntables), Joey Jordison (#1, drums), Paul Gray (#2, bass), Chris Fehn (#3, percussion), Jim Root (#4, rhythm guitar), Craig "133" Jones (#5, keyboards), Sean "Clown" Crahan (#6, percussion), Mick Thomson (#7, lead guitar), and Corey Taylor (#8, lead vocals). They have been influenced by bands like Slayer, Black Sabbath, KoRn and AC/DC. One of the reasons why we like this band is because of their down-tuned style; they have some of the heaviest tunes out there and their lyrics are creative and particularly directed to those have been expelled from society or don't want to be a part of the crowd. They have inspired the youth of different countries, yet they are still greatly respected by older fans. They are currently working on their fourth album that is set to be released this September (album that is said will be their heaviest to date!) and they will be headlining the Rockstar Mayhem Tour Festival during July and August 08'. 


Music is nothing without the media. This is the method most of us use to keep ourselves updated in the music business, so here are a couple of resources that are good enough to mention. The TV show "Talking Metal" on Fuse keeps us up-do-date with Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde, Atreyu and other great musicians. They speak of everything having to do with Metal-related musicians, from interviews to re-runs of their best shows; and not only do you get to catch the show on TV, but they have a podcast as well (I listen to it during my power-walk towards my University and it's quite entertaining, and not to mention UNCENSORED). Fuse is a great channel to catch all the latest news on rockin' music, so tune into it for the best info. OBVIOUSLY, Guitar Hero is a great way to remember the classics. We don't really know about GH1, but GH2 and 3 are definitely worth the cash. I'm not a big fan of "Rocks the 80's", but I have it anyways, lol. I heard Rock Band is also a great way to get on touch with your metalhead side. You get to choose your instrument this time (certainly a plus). So wherever you go and whatever you do, remember that there's always a way to rock.


Letter to God (I'm going to hell for this...)
Well, I want to start off by apologizing to anyone that might be offended by this letter, starting with "God" himself. God, I’m sick and tired; exhausted and weak (if you really do exist and know about everyone and what they think, you should know this already). I’m tired of always having to deal with weird looks when I say I’m agnostic. I’m sick of people calling me "satanic", because quite frankly, I don’t really believe in "Satan" either. Why is it that when people say "Christianity" we have to keep our mouths shut and respect it, yet when we say "I have doubts" or "I don’t believe" everyone gives us the stink eye? I’m sure that we are NOT the only one’s who doubt our faith; we’re just the only one’s ballsy enough to admit it. And I was always told not to question God’s power, but right now, I’m pretty pissed and pretty unhappy. I want answers.

Why do you have to make it so hard on us? We want to believe (believe me, a lot of us do) but it’s not so simple to believe that some "thing" (sorry…) that we don’t even know exists made EVERYTHING. Some of us lack faith and need a little awakening. Why don’t you just give it to us? I mean, just make it a little more believable, because I don’t know if you’ve taken some time off to read the bible lately, but a lot of it is bullshit and you know it. I know that’s not the message you wanted us to receive. I mean seriously dude, why do the girls have to be below the guys? It says it in the bible. I read it myself. It’s unfair and sexist, and I don’t think that if you really are as great as people think you are that you would be sexist. No way. Not "God".

Another thing that baffles me is the whole idea of "heaven and hell". How do we know it exists? In order to know we have to die, right? But if we die we can’t come back to earth to gossip about the excellence of buffalo wings on heaven’s menu or the fiery liquor shots in hell. So how the hell do we know if the bible isn’t just yanking our chains? I would love it if I had some awesome reward in the afterlife for being a good girl, but what about all the people who were good for all the wrong reasons? What if they’re just good because they don’t want to go to hell? THAT would be fucking wrong, man. Should they go to some special division or something? Cause’ it’s not fair that they get to go to heaven by PRETENDING to be good and then I, a good girl at heart, have to go to hell because I don’t believe in you. And also, there’s a lot of "goods" and a lot of "bads". Do we get different treatments depending on our level of goodness during life? Or does everyone indulge in the greatness of heaven equally, even though some were better than others? I know I’m asking a lot of questions, but no one else asks.

Another thing, if you’re so great, why do you need all of this religious stuff? I mean, if you’re really that awesome, you don’t need to be reminded by everyone that you are. We don’t have to pray to you all the time or hang pictures of Jesus everywhere. And why should we go to church to pray? It has four walls, a roof, a floor and a bathroom… It’s practically a place like any other. Is a priest supposed to make it "holy"? Jeez, EVEN I could be the leader in a church. And all those priests that rape children? Priests are nothing special.

I was told by my mother that the guy in the Beatles that died had it coming because he said the Beatles were greater than you. People think he died because he said that; they think you wanted him to die for saying that. That, God, would be revenge. I know you didn’t want him dead. But your dear, DEAR followers killed him. I’m sorry, but the bible-humping freaks KILLED him. Is that what you wanted religion to do? Get rid of the heretics by all means possible? Religion has had a negative impact on our society in that part. They follow it to the point where they can’t fucking think straight. That’s not healthy; same thing with the Ku Klux Klan: they hate anyone who isn’t white and protestant. What the fuck is that, man? Religion messed them up (I want to clarify that I’m not blaming you for people’s behavior, I just want to get my point across that they’re view of religion is really screwed up).

I have yet another question. Why is it so bad to not believe in you? I mean, it’s not like we hate you. But people feel like we have to believe in you in order to be human. I wish I believed in you entirely, but I guess my imagination just doesn’t stretch that far. And in a way, I envy the people who believe in you because they have something greater to trust and have by their side at all times. I don’t. Or maybe I do, I just can’t bring myself to acknowledge it yet.

To be completely sincere with you, this is more than a mere complaint letter. Even though I see a lot of loopholes that don’t convince me of your existence, I still want to thank you if you’re really there reading this (at least it’s better than the damn bible, lol). If you’re really up there in the middle of nowhere reading this as I type, I want you to know that even if I doubt, it doesn’t mean I don’t believe. There’s still a chance that you can get through my big, hard head. I just don’t want your "followers" to spoon-feed all the religious shit to me. I’ve heard it enough. I want to believe in you, and only you. FUCK RELIGION AND ALL OF IT’S NONSENCE. I want to thank you for giving me a family that cares for and believes in me; friends that love me dearly and never forget me; a boyfriend who sees all my flaws and still thinks I’m a special person who’s worthy of his love. I have an education and I’m healthy and I’m able to help others. Not to mention that you kept my father safe while he was away from home. If you’re really the one who makes all these things happen, then I want to believe in you more than anything. But until I have enough faith, please help other people understand my point of view, and give me patience to cope when they don’t. If you don’t exist and I’m here writing to no one, well at least I expressed myself and my worries. It’s good to let it all out, even though I know a lot of people are gonna hate me for this, lol. But you know what, God? Ignorance is a bitch, and bitches must be ignored. So fuck em’. FUCK EM’ ALL…

I wanna thank everyone who took time and were patient enough to read this. Once again, I’m sorry for being so harsh and blunt, but I feel like most of us are a bit tired of saying it the respectful way, so "to hell" with that. Feel free to hate me, but I wrote with utmost respect towards all of you (even though it doesn’t seem that way) and I would appreciate it if you would treat this letter with compassion and character. If that still doesn’t work, fuck me, right?

Sincerely yours,


"Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear." ~Thomas Jefferson~

P.S. – Please, God, *PLEASE* don’t make me a bible-humping freak if you make me believe in you someday. PLEASE!!! I mean it, man. Thanks.


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