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Rowza's Ridiculous Critical Thinking

Thoughts on the stupid things in life

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101 Achievements in 1001 Days...
funny, crazy, psycho
Ok, so back in January I joined a group called , and its purpose is to help people like me get their goals met in a reasonable amount of time. I had a list of my 101 things, but I lost it, so I'm making a new one with my new (and old) goals in mind. Here's the one's a I have so far. I'll post the rest later.

Completed, In progress, untouched...
  1. Visit my gyno and get birth control (did that, but had to stop in April because of the side effects).
  2. Go to the doctor, gyno, dentist, etc at least once a year for regular check-ups, both for me and Abby
  3. Enlist in the Air National Guard (I'll hopefully get this done in two days!)
  4. Cut and style my hair
  5. Buy more make-up [an eye color palette, mascara, good concealer, foundation, and at least 3 lip-glosses].
  6. Move in with Carlos
  7. Go go-kart racing.
  8. Fill out forms for my Sociology Minor.
  9. Buy a new car.
  10. Adopt a pet at the nearest Humane Society.
  11. Donate at least $100 to the Humane Society.
  12. Donate blood at least twice a year [1/6].
  13. Get my lip and/or tongue pierced (I think I'm getting this done this week!).
  14. Invite my friends out for a fancy dinner once a year [3/3].
  15. Travel to Culebra.
  16. Go parachuting for the first time.
  17. Travel to San Antonio, Texas, with Carlos.
  18. Go on a REAL dinner date with Carlos during Christmas time.
  19. Travel to Canada.
  20. Literally touch a dolphin.
  21. Complete my BA and Minor.
  22. Get an IUD put in.
  23. Learn another language (preferably french).
  24. Eat at the Venezuelan restaurant located about an hour away from here.
  25. Go see El Viejo San Juan at night with Carlos.
  26. See at least one concert or theater presentation a year [3/3].