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Right now I should be doing my homework; I finished reading my English essay yesterday, but I have a test tomorrow that I'm barely prepared for, as well as a chapter summary for my psychology class (I haven't read it...). Yet, I'm here, blogging on live journal, as if I had nothing better to do. Procrastination at it's best. But why is that?

Lately, I've been sleeping 4 hours a night, from 12 to 4 am; I fall asleep doing my homework, and wake up thinking: OMG! I Fell asleep!

Healthy? Not exactly. But does it get the job done? You better believe it. So, does that mean that for some individuals, leaving everything for the last minute can actually be an effective way to get things done? Or is it still a sorry excuse for bad time management? Maybe some people who do it just happen to be insomniacs that use night-time insomnia to their advantage - thus finishing homework 4 hours before it is due, after having 2 weeks to do so.

Whatever the reason, we do it. Continuously doing things right at the last minute. Some of us get away with it, and some... not so much. The point here is that it isn't a healthy practice and we all know it, but still do it. Is this considered irresponsible? Masochistic? Stupid?

We could actually give good thought to this and shed some light on all sorts of similar problems. Like smoking: we know it's bad for us and that nothing good comes of it, yet millions of people around the globe do it. What happened to our will-power? Smokers say they would quit, but its hard when you're hooked. Procrastinators say the same exact thing - we try (really, we do), but it's a hard habit to break.

So are we destined to procrastination? Will we someday have "Procrastinators Anonymous"? Therapies to stop procrastination? Prevention plans?

Who knows... but I do know that I have tons of homework that is due tomorrow, and here I am... blogging. This time, though, I will defeat procrastination. I will stop blogging and do my homework... right... now.


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