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How is one supposed to feel when her only friend is unsympathetic towards her feelings? When there is no one compassionate enough to say "I'm here for you". How do you feel when someone that's gone through it before says "I've been through worse. Get over it." How do you cope? How do you still smile at them, knowing that they once felt your pain and they don't care? How do you prove that you're worthy of that empathy? How do you prove you're not lying in exchange for attention? How do you not see yourself as a loser? What goes through your mind when realize you didn't understand people in the same situation you are now in? You think back at your perspective, and how you thought those things were so easy to get over - that they were just being big babies. How does it feel to feel weak? How does it feel to feel pathetic?

How does it feel to know that the person you need the most has left you alone - because you abandoned them first?

It feels like guilt... like I'm so sorry...


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